My experience and training is ideal for working with a variety of clients.  I have two distinct focuses:


I WORK WITH ATHLETES!  This ranges from collegiate level distance runners to Ironman triathletes.  For this group the focus is on performance, efficient training, maximizing individual talent and preventing injury.

I WORK WITH GENERAL FITNESS AND PHYSIQUE MINDED CLIENTS.  In this group I have experience working with clients with ages ranging from 18 to 76.  For these individuals the goals of the training are specific to the client but as always the key to obtaining the client's goals starts with a realistic program that will stick and a keen eye on injury prevention.


Once you sign up, EACH WEEK will consist of the following:

1) A scheduled in depth meeting though video chat or regular phone call.  During this meeting we will discuss how the previous week's workouts went, progress toward goals, and how things can be tweaked or progressed going forward.

2)  Custom workouts communicated though an interactive log.  All of your workouts will be placed in a shared log between you and me.  Once completed, you are free to comment on how the workout went and I can check in and comment back quickly.   This way as you progress, there will be a detailed log of what you have accomplished!  However, for those that prefer, workouts can be emailed individually and I will log for you.

3) Detailed instruction on proper form and exercise execution.  Although this program is remote, I will provide simple videos and instructions on all prescribed exercises as well as clear instructions for effort and intensity appropriate for different elements.

4)  Non stop moral support from me!  We discuss every week what your goals are and agree upon our expectations.  Don't put it past me to call you up at 6am to make sure you are working out like you said you would!  I will ACTIVELY take a role in holding you accountable!  In addition you have unlimited access to me though email, text or phone if you have any questions or concerns along the way,

ABOUT MY in-person Training OPTION

In addition to my remote program I have some availability for a hybrid in person and online training service.   With this plan I will train you on location once a week, and in addition,  provide all of the services of the remote program.  My availability for this service is limited but we can discuss it if you are interested.  Prerequisites to sign up are the following:

1) You must have a location you are interested in training at that not a private business.  I cannot train you at a gym that has it's own trainers!  Locations that are appropriate are property community gyms, in home gyms, and public parks.

2) You must be within a 30min driving radius of my location (East Falls, Philadelphia)

Unfortunately my availability for this service is limited due to the nature of my collegiate coaching commitment, but we can certainly have a look to see if we can work something out!


For some people, a little guidance is all they need.  They would rather be in charge of their own exercise program after being shown the right direction.  The consultation service is for those people. This service involves me getting you know your fitness/ athletic background, advising you on how to improve, and keeping active records for potential future consulting.  This service is billed by the session but you have unlimited access to ask questions/ get feedback for up to one month after the consultation.


Whether your goals are health, performance or body composition driven the key to accomplishing them is consistency.  Proper exercise instruction is only one part in the bigger picture of what it take to achieve your goals.  The foundation of my guidance focuses on the key ingredients needed to support the consistency that is so critical.  You need to both enjoy the exercise that you do as well as have a program that realistically fits your lifestyle, personality, and other priorities.