Hello!  Thanks for your interest in my coaching.  I am a lifelong athlete myself as well as an experienced professional in the fitness and athletic industry.  Let me introduce myself.

I started competitive running in middle school and continued though my collegiate years at West Chester University.  After college I took up triathlon as a self coached athlete where I went on to compete at the pro/ elite level in 2007-2009.  My triathlon career includes 5 full Ironman finishes, many overall podium finishes, and a ton of practice negotiating a demanding sport with a busy life!  I currently aim to stay as competitive as possible in everything from long distance triathlon to 1 mile track races.  I am excited to keep myself in top condition as I look to head into my "masters" racing years!

My career as a professional in fitness and performance started at West Chester University, where as a liberal studies student, I focused on exercise physiology along with other interests including physics and art.  I went on to get my personal training certification through the NSCA and started working with some great clients.  I have recently renewed my certification with an upgrade to the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) credential also though the NSCA.  This upgrade prepares me to not only work with clients who are novice to working out, but also seasoned athletes aiming to improve performance.  I love the ability to work with all level of athletic ability!   In 2017 I started my assistant coaching role at Bryn Mawr College.  This role has grown to include a position for the cross country season and a larger role with the distance runners for the track season in 2018 and beyond.

My life has included various diversions and phases, but what has always been unquestionable is the multitude of benefits I received from having athletics as a fixture throughout all of it.  The role fitness plays in one's life can range from a simple routine aiming to maintain optimal day to day functioning to a passion for reaching one's highest level of competitive ability.  Where someone falls on that spectrum is personal.  I am excited to work with clients and help them solve the puzzle between what they want to get out of fitness and what fits seamlessly into their life!

~Coach Katie

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Katie Dickerson